Hunger Games Poll

I need your opinions on Katniss’s house for my Hunger Games Map. Which should I use? The poll closes this evening!

Special Thanks to @I_Like_Props for making her house.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Now vote!

  • 1 - First Option
  • 2 - Second Option
  • 3 - Third Option
  • 4 - None of the above (Add your picture below!)
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why is none of the above winning but there are no replies?

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Exactly, like seriously lol

No offense but option 3 is just not the vibe


if option 2 wins then the windows should prob be fixed

Lol it was just so there was more options. It’s awful and in my og post it said that it was the worst one


bro you did good the third option was the meme option