Decorations for Bed

Okay, thanks! I will do that.

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Need anymore ideas for anything?

Yes, I might need an idea for the coffee. When the player finished drinking the coffee, the cup is empty. How would I do that if the coffee emoji is a filled coffee @leo_flowers ?

Uhhm… I have no idea but I guess you can just make the coffee disappear

How about a regular cup?

I guess that can work.

For some reason the emoji isn’t popping up.

Never mind, couldn’t even find an emoji cup.

there is not one on the forums but there is like another I think.

What do you mean there is none for the forums? Also, which would be the so called another?

Just wondering.

Screenshot 2024-03-08 11.37.53 AM
This is all I could find by searching cup

Yeah, I have none of those for cups, so yeah. Never mind, I’ll use the suggestion you said to make the cup disappear.

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Also, this might be off-topic, but reveal if you want:

I really like that bio of yours! Potatoes…

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Thank you! I have to go to lunch so when you find a solution, mark it! :slight_smile:

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Okay, when will you be back? I have more questions.

Can you show a screenshot of what you have?

Okay, I am back. What is your questions?


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I’m back! Anyone is here again?

Oh, I see @leo_flowers is online right now.