☆How to make a canopy bed!☆

Hello there! :smiley:
Today I am going to show you how to make a canopy bed!
It work great in castles, houses, and most builds that fit the style of it.

I tried to be as detailed as possible but tell me if you have any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability! :blush:

♡ what you'll need! ♡

★8 wooden poles
★4 metal signs (2 rectangle, 2 arrow shaped)
★1 medieval bed

:heart: steps :heart:

⛧ step 1 ⛧

Tint your poles to the color of the medieval bed frame ( HEX: A5957E )
Resize four of them to make them slightly smaller, then place 4 of them in all four corners of the bed frame.
it should look something like this:

⛧ step 2 ⛧

Then take the 2 rectangular metal signs and change their alpha to 0.40

place them on the front of each side, making it look like this:

⛧ step 3 ⛧

Then take the 2 arrow shaped metal signs and tint them to 0.40 alpha.

Rotate them to where the arrow is facing down.
Place them behind the bed and other signs. It should look like this:

⛧ step 4 ⛧

Then, tint four wooden poles to match the bed frame ( HEX: A5957E )
Rotate them and place them on the top of the bed, making it look like this:

⛧ step 5 ⛧

Finally, tint 2 more poles to match the frame of the bed ( HEX: A5957E ).
Resize them, it should look like this:
(it’s not a big difference but I think it makes a difference :sweat_smile: )

:heart: that’s it! :heart:

"⛧ decoration inspo ⛧

pretty basic but I hope it helps :sweat_smile:


Maybe add a roof, it is just the walls right now


Good idea! I’ll try adding that! :grinning:

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Wow nice art guide! I like the idea of using Translucent metal signs!

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@gimmaster12345 I made a version with a roof:
Screenshot 2024-02-16 2.18.06 PM


Wow, nice guide @KrishaShah ! And nice addition @MirMirCreates !


I would add a roof and if you use a barrier(device) and have the alpha low and the color low grey, you can get the same effect, juts without the screw holes in the metal.

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Nice add @WolfTechnology ! I might make a canopy bed!


And if you do make one, try to make a front facing version too, not just the side facing.

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How could you do that @WolfTechnology ?

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Wow, that is amazing! Superb guide!

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you know how there is a bed, that you see the side of it? a front facing bed is when you see the end to the back board, if i am correct there is a front facing bed prop, so just use that and add the same techneics in this guide to it, but shorter legs to make it seem taller.

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Thank you all for your amazing feedback!

That looks really good! :grinning:

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I bumped into the walls! There are no openings! Help mm…

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You know, I always thought canopy beds were cool. And this guide just amplifies that. Also, maybe a door, still stuck here. :expressionless:

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you can turn off collision for the signs

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Finally! I have been in for hours! Thanks!

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Thank you @Foxy and @VWOOM! Your feedback is very much appreciated! :grinning:


wow thats really cool how you made the wood look like glass!