How to make a bunk bed! [ ⬜ 0/10]

first get 2 beds and place them like this but make sure the top bed is above the bottom one you can do this in layers
Screenshot 2024-03-04 10.36.06 AM
now make a frame for the bed and to do that get 3 wooden signs and put 2 next to the bed like this but put them on the above layer before you do that and if you need to make the signs smaller
Screenshot 2024-03-05 9.09.13 AM
now using wooden poles make a ladder! but make sure that the ladder is above the bed, also make the wooden poles darker so they don’t blend in with the wooden signs
Screenshot 2024-03-05 9.18.15 AM
this is a fairly short guide so please don’t flag it

if you want it fuctional

btw my sister deleted the first bunk bed so I had to restart that’s why it doesn’t have the wooden signs on it ok buh bye now! :smiley:

first place a button at the bottom and make it so that no one can see it in game
then copy the button to the top bunk and place both buttons near the ladder then
get 2 telapoters and put one at the top and one at the bottom, for the telapoter
at the top wire it to the button at the bottom and then likewise wire the bottom telapoter
to the top and when you click on the buttons they shold take you from the bottom to the
top and the top to the bottom and it shold look like this

Screenshot 2024-03-04 11.03.37 AM

p.s if you find any guides that are the same tell me so I can put them here

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I think this is good enough, so it won’t be flagged.
This is a good guide.
I added art to it.

:memo: Suggestion:
Add a trigger at the top that teleports the player to the top bunk, and even one at the button.
That would make it functional!

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erm… Congrats on the guide, but next time, lets see a more complicated one!


something that would make this guide better is ways to customize it and uses
this is a way to customize and also provides examples for use

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I would make a custom frame for the bed then add the latter because right now it looks like two beds on top of each other with a latter leaning on it.