Cute Bedrooms (for house role-plays and more) Pt 1

Bedrooms. A subtle art that almost none can understand- BAH! It’s easy and y’all are amazing so you can do it too. With the new props, the possibilities are endless. But here are 4 bedroom ideas because I don’t have the patience for all of them.
Also see All 100+ Medieval Props :european_castle: for the new props.

Basic Bedroom

This is just a default bedroom idea. Use a Medieval Bed, with a bed table (credits to @smil.eface5/Emma). Also, Molten Lava Buckets make great nightlights. Coral rugs are a great way to fill space, too. (by @I_Like_Props).

Royal Bedroom

Everything here should be as regal as possible. Pitchers, king-size medieval beds (put two of them next to each other), and, of course, Molten Lava Buckets. Also, I constructed a fireplace with two extra barriers on top of the main ones, and one other extra barrier tinted 100% black as the empty space. Then, I got two logs, criss-crossed them, and used the emoji trick for the fire.

Servant Bedroom

This one will have a dirty vibe, but cozy at the same time. I used medieval beds, with cheese plates and broccoli plates for their food. Codices are also good, along with lit candles (@I_Like_Props).

Space Bedroom

Use Space Beds, Spacesuit Cabinets, Space Containers, and all that space stuff.

And there you have it! Thanks for reading! Pt 2 COMING SOON!!!


This is so cute! Hope you can finish this before the editing limit!


gratz on becoming a regular!! @The_7th_Dragon (also as not to get off topic nice guide @VoidFluffy make sure to finish it quick otherwise you accidently might hit the editing limit)


The basic bedroom just says: “The text will be hidden” and I can’t see the guide.

It’s a WIP.
(Work In Progress)


I finished it :slight_smile: finally

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Nice guide!

Great job! All of the rooms look fantastic and the fireplace was ingenious! One question though, did you use tinted barriers to make the servant room look dark?

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It looks like it was. I don’t see how else you could.

Yes sorry I forgot to mention it

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