[ 🟨 ] Creating a Timed Speed Challenge with Reward System

This tutorial will guide you on how to create a dynamic speed challenge system within your game using Gimkit’s set of devices and block code. We will create a system where players must complete a set of challenges within a specific time frame, and upon successful completion, they receive rewards that enhance their game experience.

In this system, we will be implementing a variety of devices such as ZONE, BUTTON, COUNTER, REPEATER, SPEED MODIFIER, ITEM GRANTER, and a few more. We’ll harness the power of wires to establish interactions between these devices, allowing one to respond to the actions of another.

This tutorial falls in the :yellow_square: (easy~medium) category as it requires the use of multiple devices and a bit of block code. By following the steps closely, anyone interested in game design and keen to learn can successfully create this engaging speed challenge system in Gimkit.

Here’s a brief layout of what we will cover:

  1. Setting up the Speed Challenge Zone
  2. Implementing the Challenge Logic
  3. Managing Time Constraints
  4. Creating Reward System
  5. Wiring Devices for Responsive Interactions
  6. Testing and Troubleshooting the System
  7. Tips for Enhancements and Customization

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a working speed challenge system that you can integrate into your game, creating a more engaging and interactive experience for your players.

Device Requirements:

  • 1 Zone Device
  • 1 Speed Modifier Device
  • 1 Item Granter Device
  • 1 Repeater Device
  • 1 Counter Device
  • 1 Property Device (to store the player’s time)


  1. Place down a Zone device. Set the boundaries of this zone to be the start and finish of your speed challenge course.
  2. Within the Zone, place a Speed Modifier device. Configure it to increase the player’s speed while they’re within the zone.
  3. Place down an Item Granter device somewhere near the end of the speed challenge course. Set it to grant a reward when the player successfully completes the challenge in time.
  4. Set a Repeater device to act as a timer for the speed challenge. You may need to experiment with the time interval to balance the difficulty of the challenge.
  5. Use a Counter device to keep track of the elapsed time.
  6. Lastly, place a Property device that will store the elapsed time for each player when they enter and leave the zone.

Block Code & Wiring:

  1. Use wires to connect the Zone to the Speed Modifier and the Repeater. When a player enters the Zone, it should trigger the Speed Modifier and start the Repeater.
  2. Write a block code script that listens for when a player enters and leaves the Zone. The script should:
  • Store the current count of the Repeater in the Property device when a player enters and leaves the zone.
  • Use logic and math blocks to calculate the elapsed time.
  • If the elapsed time is within the specified time limit, send a signal to the Item Granter to give the player their reward.
  1. Use wires to connect the Zone to the Property device, and the Property device to the Item Granter. The flow of the system should be: player enters Zone > Speed Modifier and Repeater are triggered > player leaves Zone > elapsed time is calculated and stored > if time limit is met, Item Granter is triggered.

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