Craft table poppy playtime

how do you use it? I’m making a poppy playtime game


welcome to the forums @somethingelse123

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hey help me with my map

Welcome to the forums @somethingelse123

The question is quite simple, i dont understand what your asking.
How do you use what exactly?

can you help me with my map

What do you mean for poppy playtime crafting table, like custom things to craft?

making a map of poppyplaytime

If you want someone to help you with the map you can try the documentation.


what documentation mmmmmmmmm.mmmmm

its on the gimkit creative tab

next to the forum under your creations

ok what to come to my

i am in school i can’t

Please do not share codes, if you are.

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sharing your join code isnt allowed on here
put the code here


ok fine but why do we talk about poppy playtime

I’m at school too…hmmmmmmmm