Coordinate grid optimization (for bananas)

Is there any way that you guys can think of to make a banana powerup (read: coordinate grid) in Gimkit, besides covering every square unit of the track with triggers?


Use lasers? They cover more ground.


How often do you play Mario Kart?

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Since never.

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Okay then. When you use a banana, it lands on the ground where you placed it, does not move, and slows down racers when it lands. There is no weapon in Gimkit that stays where it was fired, so I was thinking of making a coordinate system with triggers, and activating a corresponding zone when you land on a zone with the “BananaOn” property set to yes. Any questions?


I just don’t want to have to place 1000 triggers and waste 50% of my map memory just to get the banana to work


You could cover it with barriers instead, that turn on when the use the powerup

how would that work?

How would the game know where the banana was placed?

it just makes you run into the barrier, not adjust your speed

Overlay that says, drop banana.
Overlay pressed: item spawner that summons banana on the course.
I’m not sure where to go with this.

that made me have a question for someone who plays mario kart:

how many bananas can you hold at a time

in some games, you have two item slots, and the item with the most bananas would be the triple banana. So, up to six.

dang it. well, my idea won’t work.

Why? Also, the game can be changed a little.

i was going to suggest having an inventory item manager where you have a max of one, and when you press a game overlay button it grants you one, but the overflow causes the banana to drop, and maybe something could be built off of that. but that means you could only have 1 banana at a time

@Blackhole927 probably already knows how to make a coordinate system

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What do you mean?

I know how to drop the banana, and I know how to make a coordinate system, but I’m not going to, because I want to do other stuff besides just making a coordinate system for the next couple days.


This question is why we need a move prop device, so we can randomly position a banana or barrier somewhere, along with a way to get the player location so we can position the barrier where they dropped the banana