Cool ways to use props 2.0 (Difficulty ⬜ or 0/10)

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Sure, because people could be voting for fun.

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This was made in December?
That feels so long ago


add this ( was requested)
Hello so this is GimGulp, not whoever is posting this. Some of you may know me from the Gimkit Creative Wixsite (great place please j0in!), and most of you won’t know me at all. But anyway, this is my first actual guide, so here we go!

First, you are going to want to set aside these materials:

Medium length poles of any color x2

Signs without a line in the middle of any color x2

Barrier colored blue x1

Text x1

Any plants or decor (I used 2 red coral, one purple and pink one, and 4 alien plants) xWhatever you want

Either 2 item spawners or 2 item images of any fish

First, you are going to take the two poles and put them like this:

Then, you are going to take the two signs and put them like this:

Then, you put the barrier behind the signs and change the color to blue:

Then, you put in your decor:

Then, put your label:

Finally, make sure your water’s clean and add your fish! With the item spawners:

With the item images:

Thanks for reading all the way through, and I hope you liked my first guide!

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I think your name is showing.

I have boss idea’s so I think I can give him some

7th is no longer really active, so she probably won’t see that


that’s not me lol
that was a picture sent


wait, Gimglup? i thinki have seen him on wix…
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they don’t have access to forums and asked the wix to add it.


Ngl, you should tell gimgulp this should just be a full guide


It’s definitely complicated enough


Nice dungeon gate 7th!


I made a railroad crossing signal in my own version.

Sorry, I totally forgot to say what I was doing before editing! I just added in my Aquarium prop and put my name on the contributors list.

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quick proposal: for any one-prop ideas going forward, like the stove, on both guides, make it so that it says that the IDEA was by them, not that it was made by them

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I LOVE IT! So creative (not even being sarcastic.)

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Good Job. I’ve made a game with bosses lemme show u my newest one

Here’s another one