Combat system question

So. I’m in a bit of a dilemma. The game I’m working on is coming along fine, with some minor hiccups. One of the things I was planning on adding to it was a combat system! However, making a combat system turned out to be incredibly complex. So, should I work on a simpler system, implement the old system (think tTYD but simpler), or should I just scrap it altogether?

Quick question, what’s tTYD?

The thousand year door. Sorry that I’m late to my own help topic, but do you have any ideas?

If the current combat system is too complicated, you might want to change it to a simpler system by removing “unnecessary” features. I’m not really an expert with devices, but that’s what I would do in this situation.

More details would be appreciated, but yeah like TigriRose said remove unnecessary features. If the more complex one is very needed and gives a special feature or something, I would try that but If it isn’t really necessary I would say the simpler one.

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How complex is the current system?

To answer all three questions, very. The current idea that I have is to have two people fight each other. Like in the Mario RPGs, there is a psuedo ability wheel that lets you choose from like five or six different options. The enemy would also have two to three attacks as well. Some attacks could only be used on certain enemies, to create a psuedo class system, where a zapper only works on standing enemies and an evil eye only works on non-standing enemies. Then I was thinking about counterattacking blocking, which requires animation and the game to know which frames in the attack animation are the frames where a counterattack can happen. Then I was thinking about a leveling system to make this whole mess have a purpose, but that requires even more properties to hold the xp amount for every enemy in the game. This all seems like a ton of work for a mechanic that isn’t even the focus.

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Exactly! So if you want it to still be included (because it sounds like a great idea) try making it as simple as possible, like maybe removing the animation or blocking counterattacks. You could also try lowering the amount of possible abilities to make the mechanic lighter on work.

I feel like everything in that except for blocking would be feasible… Would you also support gadgets?

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Nonono, it’s all feasible. It’s just a lot of work for something I’ll be using less than five times. I’m kinda torn on gadget support.

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I can only propose to use pseudo-health to implement a health and damage system.
Never made turned based battles in my career in gimkit.

Yeah, psuedo health was implied. Do you have any suggestions for a simpler combat system?

Uses ChatGPT
Use properties and block code?
One property could determine whose is taking the current turn.

I think he knows how to do that…
because he made a turn-taking system…

yeah, saying “use properties and block code” is also implied in this situation


I’d just make a poll, right?
Like this:

Should The System Be Scrapped
  • Yes
  • No
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