Cold boime ideas, help

I made a mountain, forest, and cave. I need one more idea for a boime.

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A beach! That’s what you need! :slight_smile: :beach_umbrella:
Yeah, someplace warm and comfortable!

Read the title again.



Somewhere like Antarctica.

Please stop marking solutions if you need more ideas as you’ve already done this (twice?).

Somewhere polar, like a taiga or something.

Taiga? I saw tundra so this is the only other thing I could think of. There could be a frozen lake, small village, lots of trees, etc.

Show me where I did that

the moon. its very cold there.

Yeah, that seems likely.


How does the earth connect with the MOON, I means like, with a path, a paved path you can walk on.

I mean, it does, theoretically…

it orbits the earth.

Bro… like in every way. (Chatgpt wrote this)

The Earth and the Moon are connected through various gravitational and electromagnetic forces. Here are some key ways in which they interact:

  1. Gravitational Force: The most significant connection between the Earth and the Moon is through gravity. Gravity is a force of attraction between objects with mass, and it’s what keeps the Moon orbiting around the Earth. Similarly, the Earth also exerts a gravitational force on the Moon, keeping it in orbit.
  2. Tidal Forces: The gravitational pull of the Moon on the Earth causes tides in the Earth’s oceans. These tides result from the differential gravitational attraction exerted by the Moon across the Earth’s surface. This gravitational interaction causes the oceans to bulge outwards towards the Moon, creating high tides on the sides of the Earth facing the Moon and low tides on the opposite sides.
  3. Orbital Dynamics: The Earth and the Moon move through space in their respective orbits. The Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical path, which affects various phenomena on Earth, including the length of our days and nights and the pattern of the tides.
  4. Electromagnetic Interactions: While not as significant as gravity, there are electromagnetic interactions between the Earth and the Moon. These interactions include electromagnetic radiation, such as sunlight reflecting off the Moon’s surface and influencing Earth’s climate and weather patterns.
  5. Space Exploration: Additionally, the Earth and the Moon are connected through human activities such as space exploration. Various space missions have been launched to explore the Moon, and these missions rely on the gravitational interactions between the Earth and the Moon to reach their destinations.

How does a path, connected to a snowy forest, magicly teleport you to the moon?!

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ok, now thats more specific enough to not get you looks

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Inside of the cave, there should be a “Deep Ice Cave” mostly covered in ice, but has some blue stone