Cold boime ideas, help

New area: launch pad
Button makes rocket go to the moon. you go on the moon.


OK, let's get back on topic.

Try making Cleveland, Ohio.


This is getting off topic very quickly!

I suggested a frozen lake and a village, but everyone else remain on topic.


since when? he asked how does earth connect with the moon and I answered that. i even credited the ai!

Wow, that is really funny. I reside in Southern California, so I wouldn’t know…

If you find a location idea you like, mark a solution

this is exactly why…

All previous users that used bots have been suspended

Cleveland, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, as that is a city.

Wow, that’s new.

cleveland ohio gets cold during the winter so it’s cold.

Back on topic, guys.


I’ll just mark a solution before somebody gets flagged

all i did was answer the question. please refrain from getting off topic

But in all honest, please add the Moon to your game.

Cleveland is a cold city.

No more off-topic posting, this should be the last reply


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