Can we code objects to chase and hurt players

i need to have a object attack and hunt players

Use a sentry device.

Guide about them:

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i need it to use melee

That is not really possiable right now.

That’s more complicated.

Actually, don’t use that guide. That is for players melee attacking.

Basically, you could activate a laser device near a player to damage them, or use psuedo health.

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Melee isn’t possible, neither is moving sentries.

Yet. I heard Josh was working on moving sentries. But thats a rumor.


He himself announced that.

can anything besides the player move?

You can make animations.

can i make a hurting animation

Well you could make an animation with sentries.

You can use @NightEnd’s guide:

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You could activate a laser to damage someone.

can i make a moving lazer?

You can animate it.
You turn off one laser, then you turn on one next to it, then you turn that one off and turn on one next to it, and so on!