Can someone please help me?

how do I make a game a 1vs everybody and how do I make the person who eliminates the tagger become tagger in a tag game and how do I make the score number of tags.

Sadly I can’t provide images right now so i will try to make this detailed.

Choosing a random tagger

Go into map settings and change the teams to cooperative. This will make everyone on team 1. (Team of Taggers)
Use a lifecycle to detect game start. Have it broadcast on Host Game Start; this channel should trigger a relay. The relay will be set to random player. Have the relay broadcast on Make Tagger. Now get a team switcher. Have it receive on Make Tagger and switch the player to team 2.

Tagging mechanism

Get a tag zone and stretch it across the area you want your players to tag or change the settings to entire map. Have the tagging team be team 2. Turn respawn when tagged to yes. Have it broadcast on Player Tagged when the player tags someone else. Now get a counter and a property. Name the property Score and have it be a player scoped, number property. Now go to the counter. Make it player scoped and have it update the Score property. You will also probably want to turn its visibility off. Have the counter increase when receiving on Player Tagged. This will update the score accordingly and store it in the Score property. You can go into map settings and change the leaderboard to display this property too.

Granting weapons

Get a relay that receives on Host Game Start. The relay should go to all players on team 1. This should broadcast on Give Gun. This channel should run an item granter with your preferred weapon.

Knocking out the Tagger

Now get two more lifecycles. Set one to on player knocked out. This lifecycle should broadcast on Give Gun and should also be wired to a team switcher. This team switcher should be new and switch to team 1. Now for the other lifecycle. Have it detect when a player knocks some other player out. Have the lifecycle broadcast on Make Tagger. Also wire this to a IIM (Inventory Item Manager) that manages your desired gun. Have the wire clear that item from the player’s inventory.

Please tell me if this doesn’t work or you found any issues. Once i can take pictures i will probably make this a guide