Can someone help me with my in game chat

Can someone help me with my chat i want it to show who sent the notification

Huh, what chat, also the forums are for only gimkit creative related questions so this might get flagged. You can ask on the wix though.

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Been there, I don’t know how to fix it, sorry… @PavelR

oh ok i was needed helped for my chat because i tried to have it so it will show who sent it

I think he’s talking about a in-game chat system @THEHACKER120
Like this: How to make an easy in game chat difficulty 🟩 (4/10)
Also @PavelR did you use this?

yea like that i was trying

Oh mb I thought it was like a different chat
sry @PavelR

It’s fine, @THEHACKER120 , you didn’t know.
@PavelR I hope it’ll work soon, cuz mine never showed who sent it.

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This post should not get flagged…

Do you know how
Screenshot 2024-04-08 5.59.45 PM

I added in game chat to the title to make this a bit specific

I thought you needed help…
Anyways wut?

Because i have tried to do it but it did not work so i came here

Have you looked at this guide?

yea but not all the way

@PavelR , The player’s Username is supposed to be notification Title not next to the text.

oh so thats my mistake i made i was trying to put it there thx so much

No problem, anything to help a fellow developer!
Don’t mark it Solved until tested

What do you mean? i am new

oh ok i will test it ok