Can properties be bigger than their character limit in game?

Big question of the day or week or month - i don’t know!
Also don’t destroy my moment - if it’s a no say it in the second reply.
So can properties be bigger than their character limit in game?
What I mean by that -

  • As far as I know there’s a character limit with properties
  • So in game can we surpass that limit?

UM good question. TO THE TESTING LAB Cue old batman transition music

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BTW whats the character limit on them?

Let me call in some help - @Shdwy , @Anonymous , @Blackhole927 !

I think 60? - I’m not sure.

I litterally have a map called “testing lab” that I use for testing wacky gimkit creative ideas.

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Character limit of a property is 256.

Although I haven’t personally confirmed this, I’ve heard from others you can bypass it by setting its value through block code. Because text in block code can be up to 512 characters long, that is the maximum amount of characters you can cram into a text property.


so over 256 didgets?

What do you mean, over 256 digits?

This is very interesting after some testing it can go WAY higher

That’s what I thought too but I need it to go at least 100 digits higher then that. Somewhere around 650 digits.

If you need to store even more data, you could use an encoding system. I think (can’t confirm, sneaking on forums in math class atm) that text properties support all of unicode, so you could use base 65565 encoding or something to store absurd amounts of data.

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would something like this work?
Screenshot 2024-02-21 9.34.53 AM

You don’t need that many create text with blocks

it was an idea
I just did that for the concept

No, this will max out at a limit of 512 characters. Encoding is needed in order to store more data.

You can bypass the character limit, look at this:

It shows a good example of an ENTIRE library of words in ONE property.

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I’m in Ela class rn - I’ll look into it - thanks!

What do u mean? I don’t think I can help, but if u explain, there’s a chance I can try.

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