Can anyone help with my bedwars map

I really need help with a map of mine

with what though? what part?

are you still there gim_guy


What aspect are you needing help with?

i’m at school and I need help with unlocking the buttons for buying the walls in the upgrade place

but… what about the walls?

I will send a picture

Hold on I will send it in a second

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here it is

Ok, what’s wrong with the walls.

Also, you don’t need the barriers since props have collision and can take damage.

they connect eachother

I gotta go test in a bit but I will still be on

Oh those are circles you put in mb.

So… what’s the problem?

those circles I put in on Canva to circle them

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If you have everything together, then why did you ask for help?

he is going to have to use barriers. props will not really work no collision wise unless you code with blocks. if you turn of collision the props will not serve their purpose. hiding the props also does not do anything. except make them invisible

There’s a setting with props to turn collision on and off. You can also have them take damage, they just start the game with them deactivated.