Can anyone help PLEASE?

Yeah I know My only problem is… Tech is my way to go lol It’s what I love and I’m not gonna walk away from something unfinished my M o m(Apparently that word is not allowed? weird) always taught me to finish what I start and as especially since my Friend is dear to me I won’t give up this easily.

Maybe next time you can try using vortex mist’s guide instead. have you tried that?

Accomplishing goals makes life Life.

I do… But that’s not neccescary to know for this lol all I want to do is have a crafting section where you bring raspberries and blueberries craft it and get a gold keycard simple

Words spoken from the wise fr-

or you can vote on

Anyways, I can joi n if you need us to.

Codes are not allowed on this forum.

Yeah man I alr said i tried Vortex’s own lol and i’ve come across sm Difficulty and yes I tried Cryptos own too :confused:

Which step do you get stuck on?

Need is an understatement lol so uh do i send it on WIX?

I’ll just tell you how to do it my own way. Place a button. Connect it to a checker that checks both berries. Connect the checker to a notification device (check fails → trigger) that tells you that you don’t have enough materials. Connect the checker to three item granters (check passes-> grant item) and make one grant -1 raspberry, one grant -1 blueberry, and one grant 1 keycard

Make sure the checker checks if you have over 1 berry for both berries

Is there any guide that uses players dropping items to craft?

i don’t get stuck i finish everything and then nothing works as it should or doesnt work period…

You should go back and check your code and build details for mismatches/errors

You could have 2 checks and set one of them to equals and one to of them to greater than.

No, set both of them to greater than 1, since I think they want both berries to be taken away as one berry

Not using code… ATTENTION To everyone willing to help I appreciate it but I’ve only just started GimKit Creative like by just I mean like abt a Month ago Idk coding and all the blocks wires and this is why I’m tired and frustrated you’re gonna have to break it down for me :confused:

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YES! That’s what i want

If one of them counts as equal to one and you have extra berries, the check will always fail