Can anyone help PLEASE?

I really really need some help I’ve been working on this map for a week now and It needs to be ready by THIS wednesday for my friend’s birthday I’m tired stressed and perplexed will someone pls help me on my crafting project??? It doesnt WORK at all I’ve tried Crypto raiders tutorial even Vortex Mist’s Own and NONE works and I’m just frustrated if there’s also someone willing to j o i n my game and HELP(Not destroy) I’d be open to that but rn I’m very stressed abt this and YES I have tried over and over messed with everything played AROUND nth works It’s either one item gets taken and the other is left or i dont get anything at all Anyone who can help PLS help Thanks very much

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I’ll help a fella

P.S I can’t show you anything cuz i deleted the whole system of crafting to start over when someone is willing to help

I’ll help. Give me a second to go see what I can learn.

Thx greatly appreciated my g

I have an idea for a system that uses players dropping items. However, it is only a thought…

It seems like you’re overworking yourself. I recommend you walk away from the computer for a bit and do something you enjoy, then maybe when you come back you’ll get a better understanding. This advice seems weird but it can be pretty helpful

Nope. Time is too valuable, life, too short.

i’m open to any ideas that’s even close to crafting especially since I’ve been working on this since abt uhm 8 AM EST

What if you make a popup shop instead? @mysz could help you turn that into a crafting popup shop.

What’s the point of life if you don’t enjoy it? If you do something too much, no matter how much you enjoy it, you’ll begin to despise it sooner or later

Do you have details on what the project is about?

Yeah I know My only problem is… Tech is my way to go lol It’s what I love and I’m not gonna walk away from something unfinished my M o m(Apparently that word is not allowed? weird) always taught me to finish what I start and as especially since my Friend is dear to me I won’t give up this easily.

Maybe next time you can try using vortex mist’s guide instead. have you tried that?

Accomplishing goals makes life Life.

I do… But that’s not neccescary to know for this lol all I want to do is have a crafting section where you bring raspberries and blueberries craft it and get a gold keycard simple

Words spoken from the wise fr-

or you can vote on

Anyways, I can joi n if you need us to.

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