C-Love's List of Game Ideas ⭐ (And How To Make Them!)

Hello. Welcome to another guide. Today, I have decided to share some ideas for Gimkit games you could easily make, from simple to completely insane.

Escaping Games

Have you ever heard of horror games like Granny and Baldi’s Basics? These are some escaping games you could make.


To make Granny, create a house. Make doors and have some requiring items and some without them. You don’t have to have all of the maps with rooms, so include a backyard and a playhouse. Granny’s actual items are not available in Gimkit, so use alternatives like key cards and watermelon. To win the game, have a player collect all of the items and unlock the front door to win. Since you cannot have an actual Granny, (which is a sentry chasing after a player which is nearly impossible) have another player in the game who will have a weapon. To make it fair, make the weapon do little damage. To do this, make a randomizer, (the link to this guide is at the end) and have one player become Granny and the rest survivors. Granny can be a solo and multiplayer game. Make the game end when the player(s) have all escaped, or have been killed.

Baldi's Basics

You’ve either heard of the crazy mathematics teacher chasing after students who aren’t good at math, so imagine this game in Gimkit. Make a schoolhouse and have all of the doors being able to be unlocked for free. In order to collect notebooks, (or other items you could use) have the desk open up a question-answering station, and when three questions are answered, make it grant the notebook. Once all notebooks are collected, go to the front of the school and unlock the door to escape. But where’s the fun? Have a player (or a sentry, which, again, is nearly impossible) to chase the player, and make them slightly faster, (but not too fast.) Make it so that there are other sentries offering items and quarters.

I have started making guides on this game and here are some of them!
Baldi’s Basics Guides— How to Make A Classroom [Difficulty: :white_large_square:]
Baldi’s Basics Guides- Classroom & Notebooks (PART 2)– [Difficulty: :blue_square:]


You’ve never experienced a scary mystery until you’ve experienced playing Doors, a creepy door-choosing game that will make you pay off if you’re wrong. Create multiple barriers that have buttons that unlock them, and it gets easy at first. Make every door risk-free. But as the players advance further, you have to choose the right door to continue. If they make it to the end, congratulate them with a boss battle! (I haven’t really played this a lot, so make suggestions!)

Flee The Facility

Another crazy, yet fun game is Flee The Facility. Have players collect research by hacking computers for a very long time. Have another player become the Beast, and have them capture players and have them automatically teleported to a freezing container. Whenever everyone is captured, the game ends!

Editing more soon! Enjoy these ideas! I’ll make guides on how to do them!


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