Buying multiple things at once

How to make it so you can click a button, get rid of the item, and in return get money. I tried wires and channels. This might just be me over thinking things.

Do you mean like a sell station? If so, there are already lots of guides out there for how to make one, like How To Make A Selling Station AND System! [WIP] and How To Make A Selling System [Difficulty 2/10].

And please remember, in the future, to search the forums before asking for help. You never know if the answer you want is already out there! : )

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Thx I entirely forgot to check I’ll be sure to check next time I don’t usually put topics up :sweat_smile:


I’d suggest marking a solution now, just so that this topic is out of the way.

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faceplant I forgot to I did mean to

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