How To Make A Selling Station AND System! [WIP]

In This Guide, I Will Show You How To Make A Selling Station AND Selling System!

Inspired By This Guide:
How To Make A Selling System [Difficulty 2/10]

Devices/Props Needed:

  • Vending Machine & Wire Repeater (Amount = How Much Crops Are Available To Sell)
  • Button
  • Round Table Prop
  • Text (optional)
  1. Place down a round table prop and a button on top of it. (button on “Above” layer)

  1. Select the button and click the “Change Size” button. Change the size of the button to be bigger than the table.

  1. Select the “Done” button and click the button to open the modifier thing.
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or you can just have a button triggering a lot of vending machines, and connect the vending machines to wire repeaters and vice versa:

item purchased —> send wire pulse
received wire pulse —> attempt to purchase

so when the item is purchased, then this system will try to purchase again, but if it fails then it will not repeat the cycle, and this allows the purchasing process to be very quick!

dude I’m doing that!
you just revealed it bruh

So this is guide about an alternative to selling?

sorry, there is a help topic about that and I answered it so I kinda thought it was common knowledge, but not many ppl search help topics soo this i guess is not a duplicate guide…

also you need a wire repeater, you can just re-use a channel, in the same vending machine

not really… idk I guess…

What is this about then? There are a bunch of guides about this, and I don’t see this guide being anything else than another way of selling.