Button Claiming Game

How to make a 4 way system where when you press a button, a counter goes up, but when another team presses a button, it goes back down. When a team has all 4 buttons under their control, they win. Currently working at this in real time, for fun, try solving it before me.

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Linking properties to the counter value and using a relay?

are we supposed to tell you what to do or make a guide on this

Just try telling me.

The thing I’m having trouble with is trying to use a single button for the four teams, and I’m trying to make it so that when you press a button, it deactivates the button for you, but when another team presses it, it reactivates the button. I have an idea on how to do it, but I just need to weave the ideas together into a plan, instead of a jumble of random ideas.

Or I could be overthinking this, and there is a really simple way to do it.

is there a button setting for scope when activated/deactivated

Yes. That is one of my random ideas. I kinda know how to do it, but I am unable to mesh the ideas together into something I can actually do though…

sorry if it seems i am being dumb, but do buttons have a deactivate when receiving on


When pressing the counter, it has to increment your counter and decrement the other counters.

Take a button, and cause it to disable on press. When pressed, relay for everyone in your team. Wire to item granter. Give 1 of item A. Repeat three more times. Wire all the buttons to a checker that checks for one of each kind of item. All checks pass, that team wins. Wire each button to a relay that relays for every other team (not sure if you can do that) to check if the amount of item that they have is equal to one. If true, clear item from inventory using an inventory item manager. Hope this helps!

Wouldn’t you be able to cheese this by dropping your items then and giving it to a single person?

Turn the drop settings off.

Unfortunately, this would mess with some of my other game settings though. So, I thank ClicClac for his effort on trying to make a solution, but I will have to find another solution.

a property for every button option?

Put it all in a zone that doesn’t allow for people to drop stuff, and surround the zone with walls.

Bump. I recently came back to this problem to take another shot at it.

Some further intel.

So each team has their own button. When another team presses it, it becomes under their control, incrementing the counter. From there, the other three teams can once again attempt to claim it by pressing the button. When pressing it, their team’s counter goes up, and the team that it previously belonged to decrements.

EDIT: I just closed the game so the code is now obsolete.