Button Able to be Pressed by Only One Team (I know I might cause clutter since there is one here, but it's still not working)

So, you know the drill! Just so I don’t get wrong info, I’m making a cops and robbers game and I want the robbers to steal cash by clicking on the button but the cops cannot. What’s happening on my side is that both cops and robbers can steal cash. Please try to help me!

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replace the barrier with a button

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Okay, I will mark a solution if it works, but if it doesn’t I’ll try to ping you so you can continue helping me further. Thanks though!

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@Foxy , do I make the button not be able to be pressed or not?

not on game start
and team or player scoped

What is a scope?


Okay, thanks @LlamaLady22

Button ------> Wire Repeater -------> Item Granter (Cash)

set the wire repeater to the robber team only

Oh @ImAgimkitFan , I’m not wanting an item granter.

Also, @Foxy , the barrer is blocking the button so the cops and the robbers cannot get through the barrier. Something is happening, did I get something wrong?

I said replace the barrier with a button
I gave the guide for the idea of a single team device

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Oh, never mind. I tested out the game and it worked. I put it on the wrong team.

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So, you got it? @Princess2216

Yep, @ImAgimkitFan . I’m marking a solution for @Foxy .

Cool good job! :smile: congrats!

@Princess2216 to do this you can have a barrier over the button, and have that barrier allow one team to cross and the res not. That makes it so what ever is under it or behind it that one team can access, in this case the button

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Thanks @ImAgimkitFan ! Also, @Foxy , the barrier can be seen to the cops but the robbers cannot see the barrier. One of the teams can see the barrier.

Oh, thanks @WolfTechnology !

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