Block Tutorial Help

I was reading this tutorial. Getritheked Voting when i came across something I didn’t get⬇️

Help what does this look like

which part are you confused about? “check if go time” is a channel, if that’s what you couldn’t figure out.

What part do you not understand?

Judging by the title I’m guessing you need help with block code. If so check these guides out:

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@getrithekd can you hep clarify?

What the block look like because the blocks there are not in blocks

That is just as confusing, blocks not in blocks…

He mentions some blocks in a trigger that can’t be found in block code

Then if he hasn’t said it, no one but @IlliniSD, or @getrithekd would no the anwser. SO I would ask them or just mess with it yourself.

Ok. So the block code inside is simple enough that I didn’t think it needed a picture… Basically, I say to make a block in the trigger and not do anything with it until I say more about it.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok. Thanks!:+1:

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