Block code just not running

Umm, I had simple code. When you teleported somewhere, it checked a property, and if 1 it should have granted item. I had this wire running from the teleporter to the item granter.

The player is teleporting there, but after debugging, refreshing, reloading, deleting and replacing the wire, even deleting the block, it just won’t run. This has been going on for days, and I have had enough. When I tested seeing if the item would grant, it did, so the problem is not the wire, and I have proven that the block code is just not running. I need this to work for my game.

Probably another bug that came with the update.

It has been going on for days, since before the update.

What’s the specific block code?

Wait, did more debugging, and now it runs. Something must have been wrong.

This wasn’t a bug that was part of the update. Karl also experienced this when he was trying to make a fishing system for my game. The blocks won’t even run.

If there is an error in the block code, then that might be why. Block code errors are silent and deadly.

Can we see the block code?

(just in case)

Silent but deadly.

I deleted it while in debugging process.

Did you replicate it?

I replicated it just now, and it didn’t work. One sec and I will get things to you.

At first, I just had the set property block, and it changed. But when I added the if/else block, the property did not change.

Maybe put the get property part first and then the number 1.

I was just going to say that.

Remember, checkers work now. If all else fails, you have a workaround.


Very true!! I am so excited with this update because checkers are my favorite device

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But then the end code would be false. In this case, it needs to be true. It should be true according to things. Also, the checkers would not help because I would need to go> if fails> and then block code.

If you’re just incrementing a property by one, you don’t need block code, just a counter.