Blastball Scoring

How do you make it so that the scoring tracks how many goals you make in Blastball?

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I’ll try to help, one sec while I check the device list.

I am experimenting now.

@OrangeGiraffe are you there?

something to do with a Counter… I’m guessing.
This might help though:

remember to check before you post!!!

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I hope @OrangeGiraffe sees this thanks, it saves some work from me. :grinning:

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Yeah, I didn’t see anything about increasing score so:
Item needed Ball, 2x Ball capture zone, and 2x counters.
Put ball capture zones in each of the “goals” and resize them to make then the size of the goal, then wire the ball capture zone to the counter, and the other ball capture zone to the other counter. That should work.

If it did then please mark a solution @OrangeGiraffe

Please don’t ask for a solution.

The Ball Capture zone is the goal itself.

I know but just in case they build a “goal” before like decoration

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Maybe use channels? For more memory efficiency.

Thank you for all the amazing information!

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@OrangeGiraffe can you mark a solution if your problem is solved?

Yeah, it needs multiple counters, depending on how many teams you have.

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