Potential Ideas for Blastball

The Blastball gamemode just released, and it’s pretty likely many of the features will be coming to gimkit creative! If it does, here are some ideas for games!

1 - Demolition Soccer

Similar to rocket league, this game would take blastball and add a new level of competitiveness. By setting up a tag zone for both teams, whenever players would run into each other, they would explode!

Blastball is quite boring, but adding this new level of fun to it would be pretty cool!

2 - Keep Away

If you’ve ever played PvP games, you’ll know that some of them have keep away game modes. Basically, whenever a team has possession, they’ll gradually earn points. This goes until one team gets a certain amount of points, or the time runs out.

If the Blastball had a detector for when it got hit by a player, we could use that to set a property to their team, and have a repeating circuit that gives their team points. It’s not that hard to make, but it would be quite fun to play because of the weird Blastball physics.

3 - Capture the “Flag”

I mean, it’s not much of a flag, and they already have flags, but this would be quite cool. There would be balls on each side of the field and goals as well. If the opposition team takes your ball, you would shoot the ball. Once you shoot the ball, it would go back to its spawn point.

The weirdest thing about this gamemode is that it wouldn’t even need PvP!

Those are all my ideas so far. If they do add the Blastball to creative, then hopefully you like these ideas!


Noice! These are good ideas…


Bump. This needs to be updated, so I have ideas:

  • Pinball

  • Sentry Shooters (Make sentries shoot the blastball, but you can’t)

  • Blastball, but better/ Blastball 2.0

  • Soccer (don’t know how you would do that though)


It can’t be updated anymore, it’s been more than 30 days.

that wouldn’t work, we can’t track the ball hitting the gim.

Thanks for letting me know.