Beginners guide (Don't reply anymore)

Welcome to the Gimkit Creative Community Forums
I hope you enjoy your stay
well then first I will say some rules (simple and easy)

  • don’t post links in posts (in the forums)
  • don’t give codes (for games)
  • don’t say bad words
    this are just a few rules but lets here more
    click this link -
    now I am sure that you read those, right?
    now, I have heard that some new people don’t know how to create a map
    welll then here I will explain

    that’s where you create the maps, but first it will have a guide to how to create a map (of course)
    so now that we did that, lets do this
    discovery - is a place so people can share their maps (show)

Now lets see REWARDS


Now the forums, I will not say nothing about the forums, so you explore (that’s what I did)
So Have Fun Playing Gimkit
and reply to this poll

We already have one of these guides…

This is nice and all,
but it is not needed, there are guides similar to this already


what is the point of this? not in a mean way though. if they are on this forum it is extremely likely they already know these mechanics.

While that could be true, some people just ignore the rules and go to posting & replying straight after joining.

Moved it to devices…

stop replying then!! i cant delete it!!!

Well I think it is clear cut anyway for any forum

move it to devices,
and you’ll probably be able to delete it
(or a regular can do that)

anyways, my last post in this topic, I’ma move on to finishing my guide

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after someone replies you can’t delete instead mark a solution


Mark Solution please

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