Beginner Guide On Popups

Hi guys, you guys probably have used popups before.
You might use it to display some text or to notify players or to give directions to players!
Well, there actually more to popups than you might know
Well, for starters, there is a primary and secondary call to action. A call to action is a button that shows up when a popup opens. Like, in a popup, there might be a OK! call to action.

This image shows a primary and a secondary call to action button.
Also when you wire a popup to something, you could choose whether [certain event] happens when you click the primary or secondary call to action is clicked.

You can try experimenting with this, and if you add primary call to actions for the response in dialogue, your games will feel more professional!

LOTS of thanks to the community for encouraging me to keep writing!
When I saw all of the positive comments on my post, IT FELT AWSOME!
This is more than I could ever ask for!

This is included in TUGTED pt. 2

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I don’t mean to be rude but we already have guides on this

and as Cellofive said as well as tugted

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But i searched before i posted though…
I did not see them!

its fine
search for keywords though like “popup”
also if making a guide on a single device check tugted

A little off topic, but it makes me so happy to see my guide mentioned! :]

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What is tugted


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thanks for catching that! fixing it now

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