Bedwars Help needed

How can I make it show how much health a bed has?
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Not possible…

No, you can’t make a prop show the amount of health it has. Sorry.

You can use a counter to track it.

Yah But How could use us the counter

I don’t know :person_shrugging:

If you give me a little bit I can make a guide for you.

Thats is it is possible, but if it is, go right ahead.

I do not believe this is possible at the moment. The best way you could approximate the health would be the transparency of the prop.

Yeah @Blizzy has made a bed wars map that as the beds health gets lower the beds transparency gets lower too. So if you have any more questions for bed wars, @Blizzy is the person you would want to ask.

You could have a bunch of 1-health props that add to a counter that shows how much damage its taken.

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So could someone send me a bedwars creative publish link on the wixsite my names the same on here then on the wixsite except without the - in between my name

I found a solution.

Set Up

Place as many beds as you want health/10 and the same number of text. Make all but the first bed and text unavailable on game start.


Make the text as shown in the setup for as many beds and text you need.
Set up the bed health as shown.

Then connect the bes with wires like this.

Then connect them to the corresponding text like this.
Corresponding text

next text

Final product

Stack The beds and Text

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You could add a health property and make the text show the property instead of having 3 different texts…

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