AUO - Wires vs Channels

Going off BlackHole’s guide on AUO, would Wires or channels be faster, and would channels even have the same effect? Thanks!

That’s… actually a great question

I don’t know. I think they are the same, but if you add wire cutting or something like that, just maybe it’ll go slower.

But I’m going with team channels!

This is based on AMO. Which ever one is first is first.

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I think they both move the exact same speed, its just that channels can go to multiple things whereas wires can only be used from one machine so many times.

So yeah, it’s the same thing basing of here_to_helps comment. Reply to him solution, and yeah, we can unclutter these forums!

No way! wasup

looks like we’re in the same boat here, fellow tl2

Same speed, same effect.

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Is there any proof for this claim?

Yeah, because of Advanced Mixed Update Order, when there are multiple different things in contention, follow general AUO rules. For more on all of the different types, check out @ClicClac’s guide!

AMO meaning? (Or did you just mean AUO) In which case I was just wondering which would be first if anyone knows, so saying whichever one is first is first isn’t very helpful

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I’m out :frowning:

That is the broad guide. Yes, I mean AMO, standing for Advanced Mixed (update) Order, as described by clicclac in this guide.

Gotcha! Thanks so much for the help, ill look at that :slight_smile:

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yes, channels can go from one object to (I think) an unlimited amount of other objects, including props. Excluding terrain. Whereas wires can only go to so many things with out the wire repeater.

If you are talking about how only 6 wires can come out of a device, than you are correct, but I am still a little confused on what you are saying.

Yes, in terms of how many devices are used, channels are the superior option. Because they only need one object to be broadcasted, they only the other objects, excluding wire repeaters, because they don’t need that.

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