Anyone know how to make something disappear after a certain amount of time?

Anyone how to make a game where there’s 2 teams and only 1 team can enter a area?

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barrier with scope of a team

also do you know how to keep a score on top of the screen recording deaths? like a counter of kils that ends the game at a certain amount of kils a team has

One Tea? Can you fix the typo in the title?

that’s mb:) fixed it

ko manager

bro I don’t know what a ko manager is, what is it?

I guess I’ll try to figure it out idk if I would tho

A ko manager is a device named Knockout manager

You can use a lifecycle connected to a relay that is for a certain team and then you can use a barrier with scope set to team and connect the relay to the barrier and it should do what you are asking.

so if I have 2 teams is it only going to make it one team and go though but not the other?

without any specification on which team the scope is for it will do nothing.

idk if I can tell you guys a code and help he like that or if I cant cuz yea

Maybe this can help:

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can I post codes for ppl to help me in game or nah?

how many teams are there, i can help

No posting codes on the forum

padlet, maybe…

do it on the gimkit wix or a padlet