Anyone know how to make something disappear after a certain amount of time?

@lando_1 how many teams are there…


Here are pictures

Screenshot 2024-04-18 10.47.14 AM

2 teams I’m doing a red vs blue

Also, channels are more efficient than wires.

@BubbaW what are the things that you connect to the barrier, because I don’t know what to place to connect the barrier too, Also, how do I set up a notification to say what team someone is on. like if you spawn on blue team it says your on blue team if you know what I mean.

ur good I just had to go to a diff class just working on it right now but ty

also got the barrier working now just trying to figure out how to do the time

Understood, just edit your last reply again if you have anymore questions.

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@lando_1 Try this, this took a lot of thinking

Get 1 life cycle

Get relays (for example, get the amount of relays for the amount of teams the barrier is to be shown) in my example i have 3 relays,

Step 1

Make the life cycle setting to game start

Step 2

For each relay, add the team number you want the barrier to be shown like this, this is for team 2 to be shown

Step 3

Wire the life cycle to each of the relay’s like this

Step 4

On the barrier make it not active on start, and make it team-scoped

Step 5

Wire each of the relay to the barrier like this


Should look similar to this, depending on the amount fo relays you are going to use

Let me know if this works!

For however many teams you have you would have to do this again and if you dont want to use wires you can use channels.

didnt notice you already said that…

If any of the tips that were posted work for you mark them as a solution. This is so the topic wont start to get unnecessary replies.

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All you need to connect the barrier to is the relay so that it is Relay Trigger ----> Deactivate Barrier. For the notification part I will have to work on that. I will give info when I finish.

Also sorry for not responding I have to deal with work most of the time.

Alright I have managed to get it to work.
You need:
1 lifecycle
2 relays
2 popups/or notifications based on what you want it to look like

Place the lifecycle down as well as the relays, dont edit the lifecycle and connect it to the 2 relays so Lifecycle Triggered —> Trigger Relay. Make sure that the relays are set to be a specific team and the team that you want it to represent.
Then place the 2 popups and connect 1 relay to 1 popup for each relay. In the popups make the scope for Team.
Once you do this you can edit and customize what they look like on your own.

Just make sure that you have the teams set in the map settings.
This should work for you rn if you have any questions feel free to ask.

For about 1-1 and a half hours I won’t be responding sorry