Anyone know how to make poison?

I was trying to make a game were you die if you don’t kill a player in time.
Just do not know how to make the poison.

I think for this you would need a coordinate system becuase you cannot damage a player in a random location unless you use lasers and triggers EVERYWHERE(or at least I think so)

Use a Trigger that broadcasts on a channel and triggers itself on the same channel to create a loop and wire that trigger/make it broadcast on a channel to an Item Granter.

No they want like a counter and whenever it reaches zero a certain person is supposed to die

use a trigger clock linked to a counter when the counter reaches it’s target value you die
use a lifecycle with a player knocked out event to deactivate the trigger

I have no clue on how to slowly deal damage to players in the way poison would, so I am sorry but I am of no help on this.

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But how would you knock out the specific person (or am I just :melting_face:)

didn’t you want this

Right now the only way this is feasible if it a health granter can be set to a negative, which isnt possible yet, like wire art on GKCF

so you wnat like a posion effect that slowly deals damage?

You don’t unless that person has the name that you implemented into the settings.


That is what poison does, and I am not even sure if you can slowly damage players like fire, poison, or bleeding wounds. Those types of effects.

pseudo health then

yeah idk how to do that. is it from an attack? If its not from an attack, you can use a zone and a repeater. but there’s no negative health granters :frowning:

You can use the symbols <> to hid text and bypass the character limit.

You could use this to prevent the players from camping.

Also, for this part, you can’t really detect when a player is in combat so you’d have to use a very flawed system.

No, just background posion, like a disease

then you want a map effect, correct?

yeah sorry, you cant make that. just use psuedo-health.