Any way I could make team 1 tag and team 2 run away like in gimkit tag?

But them i want it to Switch after 30 seconds, is that possible?

More info?

So like in tag? (The Gimkit Game)

Welcome to the forums, @TrainGuy53!
The easiest way is with a trigger timer but if you want it to be visible, try this guide!

Please search before you ask. There are ALOT of guides on this.
Also why remake Gimkit Tag when you can just play it?

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This is definitely possible.

You will need a trigger timer, but Jobozo has given you that resource, so try that out.

But on game start, make a trigger activate a tag zone for team 1, and deactivate a tag zone for team 2. Make them global, the tag zones. Make it so a second trigger is triggered by the first trigger but has a delay for 30 seconds. After the second trigger is finished with it’s delay, make it activate the team 2 tag zone but disable the team 1 tag zone. But then, make the second trigger activate a third trigger, which will have a delay of 30 seconds and enable the team 1 tag zone and disable the team 2 tag zone. Then, make the third trigger trigger the second trigger, and the second trigger trigger the third trigger. (Thats a lot of triggers in a sentence…)

Hopefully this helped, I tried to do the best I can to simplify it! If you would like to spice it up, you can add notifications or game overlays for effects to similarly replicate the real thing like in real gimkit tag games!


because, I made my own twist to it

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What? More upgrades? Different map?

Basically, that’s right

What’s wrong with remaking a tag game mode?

Always feels nice to make your own game! Or, if you have a student account, get past that pesky 5 player limit per game.

Plus, you can add your own things, blasters, cool secret entrances, and whatever you want! Lets say I want a cool option to make a black hole decimate the entire map, don’t think gimkit is ever gonna actually do that, so why not remake it? That’s a bit of a stretch, but I think you get my point.

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i’ll try what you said to do real quick

all hiding spots get you tracked