Any suggestions to make in my open world / fantasy game?

Hey, just looking for some sugesstions to add to my openworld fantasy game. The game will be sorta like a dungeon but it will be very similar to those fantasy / midevil animes.


Have you thought of adding some magic items such as heals?

Thats a good idea but it will be weird cause its just a medkit

im thinking about using a spell menu with call to actions

Maybe make it take place in a park with pink trees and pink leaves (the evil plant props)

And some crates that you can shoot or break that give loot

theres gonna be quests and also roles like mage, knight, healer, scout and some others

OOOOOOOOH thats a cool idea for biome

I want to meke the sentrys look cooler to become diffrent types of enemys like goblins or skeletons but dont know how.

Oh, and add characters like sentries into your game! Use these guides:

You can add some green bushes on top of them to make them look like goblins (make sure the bushes are on a higher layer than the sentry)

Ok. Thanks a lot for the help!

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You could use game overlay button that would run on channel ‘heal’, in the same game overly have the button set to hide when receiving on heal and turn on when receiving on cooldown, then have a relay and health granter set to team so you’re whole team, (or get rid of the relay to just heal yourself) gets a heal, then set a trigger to trigger when receiving on heal, send to channel cooldown and put a trigger delay of however long you want the cooldown to be!

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