Among us storage

I was wondering if anyone could make storage for my among us map!

Like the storage room?

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yes i want the among us storage map please

Ummm off topic do it on the wix if you need… and why is the idea tag there?

Sure, i can try.

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i need ideas for my gimkit among us map

Its not off topic.

Oh my bad… sry @Jonah :sweat:

i forgot to change my name from the wix to here :sweat_smile:

Make sure to check out all of the among-us Community Made Guides

It doesnt let me change my name to average :sleepy:

You could message the moderators, but I wouldn’t risk it. Chances are, they probably will never find it, and if they do, it would be annoying for them since they get a lot of pms a day due to flags. So, you can ask, but don’t if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

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@Jonah Does this work???

Just use storage containers and make the containers that you want to be higher on the highest layer. Then just stack…

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