Always make a control room

If you are making a map and you see that there is a bug, a control room can help. If you have all your devices strung out like RGB light strings all around your map, it can be hard to find things or what is causing the big issue, I had to delete the first version of a map I’m working on because I put a tag zone somewhere on my map, and I couldn’t find it, so having a control room helps. Here is my control room I made for my map

(P.S. If you want to, you can label if you have a lot of different things, like if you have a mystery box pool of weapons)
I hope this helps some people, and I hope you enjoy!


Nice guide! Changed the title a tiny bit.

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very nice guide! im thinking about adding this to my new class based rpg/shooter game


I can say- it’s much better than just throwing down devices and praying I remember what they do.


Does this need to be a beginner-must-read? Building this off of @Blackhole927’s comment on the GimAvenger post

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Yeah no it doesn’t. Beginner must read should only be for vital things, and I feel like it should be 5 posts at a max.


Also as the inventor of the gimkit forums PSA, this wasn’t really what they were originally for lol

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How about this: You can only pick ONE of the following tags to use in your topics, not two or three.

Most topics with either of these tags use all of them.


Im still of the opinion that beginner must read should only be for forum basics, and that PSAs should only be for very important information.

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But then what’s the points of two separate tags (beginner-must-read, forum-tips) if they are the same?

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Forum tips is more in depth. We can’t ask new users to read though 20 guides.

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8 topics using all three tags.

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Yeah, there’s too many guides marked with the beginner must read tag

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18 guides, most of which can be simplified into a single sentence

A lot of them are better suited to be put into one big post. Should we remove some tags from some posts and just make a resource post with them?

Nah, clicking on links is annoying. Let’s just make one post that we can give to new users that has all the info they need.

whoops replied to wrong post

Would quotes work? They won’t be that long anyway, since most guides can be compiled into a sentence as you said.

I feel like quotes, like resources pages, would look a bit messy.

Anyway someone should make a seperate post about this so we don’t off topic post here

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