All Things Pseudo Health (Don't reply)

Oh how I wish we had NEGATIVE HEALTH GRANTERS!!!


I think at the beginning at the game. wire it to a lifecycle.

Isn’t the next one on player knocked out?

What is “the next one”?
I mean wire it to a different lifecycle that’s event is Game start

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What are the GO blocks?

Is the slash supposed be there? And how would we know when the health goes down?

It will refresh because of the repeater, and the slash is there because it will show you
20/200 or something when the overlay is there.

What’s the overlay type? Text?


Yes, Like Llamalady said, the slash is there because the “Get Property” block will get the value of the Pseudo-Health/200.


Gimsolver, do you want the hail to continue hurting you after you have left the zone? I know we have been working on the game overlay but i just thought about this and right now it hurts you and continue hurting you till you die

Can sentries damage PseudoHealth?


got it. and to your sentries question, not easily, if possible at all

No, like Llamalady said in the previous post, (and getrithekd in another post) pseudo-health does not work with real health.
However, you can use Pseudo-Health as a sort of “limited lives” thing that decreases when you get knocked out.
(You can’t really detect if you got knocked by a sentry)

Can you test the overlay to see if it works? And send a pic of it? I’m sorry if this is off-topic i just really want to see if what we have been working on for 2+ hours actually works

A few questions.
How do I reset the overlay? When I die, the overlay will go to the negatives afterwards
Finally, why can’t I die in the zone more than once?

It’s not off-topic, and I just sent what needs work.

Like, once you respawn, it will continue hurting you?