AIright guys i need help again

So I’ve gotten so close with my pseudo health system for frostbite. The people have 250 pseudo health and when they get tagged they get +1 frostbite and then every 10 seconds they lose health equal to the number of frostbite they have. So it’s like a poison. But now I can’t get my counters to go down by more than one at a time.

And also I tried using two repeaters. One is used to start the damage-dealing repeater and it goes every 15 seconds. And the damage-dealing repeater takes one health every 0.5 seconds, and unless they have 30 frostbites then there’ll be a break between times when they lose health. So # of frostbites is how much health they lose over 15 seconds. But now I can’t get the damage-dealing repeater to only repeat the number of times as the number of frostbites you have because there’s no blocks. Do you guys understand this, and if so, do have any solutions?

screenshots pls?

so what im understanding is you are having trouble making the counter repeat?

Yes, that’s the problem. the repeater labeled DMG needs to repeat the # of times = to the # of frostbites.

Try this?

How to create a timer in Gimkit

This could also work.

How to make a timer

so what i would do is i would make separate repeaters each activating and disabling the previous repeaters each tuned to the time you want to drain health by and only activating the next repeater when the frostbite level is raised

wouldn’t that run forever though? like, take one over and over forever?

@TimeMechanic are you using a Property as your pseuso-health? If so, I have a solution to make you able to minus 10

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All you need is a trigger @TimeMechanic

Ok I’m back, yeah that’s what I’m trying to do.
I’m glad to see a regular like you come in.

For my guide, do this: create a target for the counter, and then; Target Reached → Deactivate trigger

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ok I’m losing it guys, I put a trigger and then I wanted it to set the health property to (health - frostbite) but then I can’t snap the properties into the block.

They won’t snap in.

Trigger Blocks:
Set Property: (Whatever)
To: (Whatever) x 10
That’s the Frostbite thing

Yeah that’s right

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No, you need the “Get Property” Block
It’s in Essentials

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OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It should work now. Ima add some finishing touches and then put link in wix.

Looks like this:

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