Additional information about the Gimkit Awards!

Laser Beam by Haiasi


But we all know that he’s the best JOSHHHHHHHH

Just two google forms, one for nominations, one for the final vote (I have decided to call it the final vote from now on to prevent confusion)

We’ll be sending them out on both the discord (in #game-nights) and the forums (in a new post about the voting). I also plan on working with the wiki kids, maybe, but it might be a bit late for them.


There will be two forms- the nomination form and the voting form. They’ll both be sent out here and in the discord.

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Could’ve sworn it was in a help topic

Blaster and Quantum portals are SICK. I’ll pick these.

Legendary would be the normal sketch.

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Notice how only legendary says “currently in the files.” I have a feeling that’s because of a cough certain april fool’s joke cough.


potentially (yes that’s absolutely the reason lol)


as for the weapons:
evil eye and quantum portal

flurry, riff, dodge, and the sketches

chompz costumes, uhh niblet?(opinions can be added), santa stache?

puffer, bonsey, orbit (is stache rare or uncommon?)

axolotols, staches, snowmuff

please take note that this is my opinion!


Probably should have said that there most likely won’t be a top 3 whenever it comes to the just for fun stuff


This seems so interesting : D

I read the other post @Unstable and @Blackhole927 made about the Gimkit Awards. Whoever wins the awards will be mad rich

I am definitely voting Sirath for best rare skin. It is my favorite one of all.

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Pink Stache for me. Always wore it for some reason.

Horizono is my favorite (technically its epic)
Vortex agent for best rare

I have to vote Polaris. It’s just my main so I can’t help it

I’m banging my head against the wall trying to choose between Sketch and Dodge.

Everybody is gonna vote different skins. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU should vote for Sirath today, he is totally the best representer of the middle ages. (joke advertisement)

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i also sometimes main stache and vortex agent, even if i have the ticket i barely wear skins from the pass

also, i think a lot of people would agree with me but i think sunset diamond is the best uncommon (?) if i remember the rarity correctly

It is my favorite time in history, which you could probably tell by my profile and bio.

but anyway, back on topic. best uncommon is definitely the axolotl bois. usually uncommon is just a regular gim with some decoration on it, but they totally went all out for the axolotls, which seem like they should be rares.