Additional information about the Gimkit Awards!

Stache poster:


Google slides the g.o.a.t

These are my skins (I stopped buying skins after I got Sirath)
out of all of them, Sirath is the only one I use now.
He just seems to represent the Sir Lancelot we all know and love(I hope) better then any other skin.

Same, I also stopped buying skins after I bought Stachr

I’m saving for the dragon to come out.

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Thx for posting this!

Honestly the referee and splitzy are my personal favorites
I also really like all of the staches and sketch graph

its pretty empty…

Splitzy was my favorite until Sirath came out.

“Fair Play”

Close enough
and “fair play” is a dumb name for that skin. that’s my only negative comment about it

(Out Of Hearts) :heart:

Which one is the best I’m going with gimkit

gimkit of course. what do you take us for, blooket fans on a gimkit forum?LOL

**I did it so many others have different options **

genuinely so valid

my favourite epic is carver costume, my favourite rare is life saver by a LONGGG shot and my fabourite legendary is maybe riff or mineride

Question for @Unstable and/or @Blackhole927
I apologize if I’m being annoying
How do you ‘enter’ something for one of the awards?
And, does thumbnail art count as an entry for the Gimkit Artist award?


you have eyes for a reason

No but it counts for fanartist

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