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So, have you ever wondered how to make your popup more vibrant and lively? Hopefully because if you haven’t, I suggest you leave this topic because you’ll be bored.
Okay, without further ado, let’s get started!
First, press the “+” button if you’re on mobile, otherwise, press “E” on your keyboard. Now, go to devices and scroll down until you reach the popup.
Screenshot 2023-12-03 1.50.55 PM
Now click on the popup and go to “look & behavior” and you’ll see 4 options. First, you can choose between a modal or a banner. The second is not for this guide. The third allows you to change the background color of your popup (not the letters). On the 4th, you can choose the font of the letters!
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One more thing to change your popup! Go to all options and on the 4th one, you’ll see that you can have an icon on the popup!

this guide is very short and is probably covered in one of the device tugs (edit: #2 ), so you might want to credit those

This is not how to use a popup. Just how to decorate one.

but that content is there too

Show me…

click on the link that is in my post up there, and look at the popup detail section

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i also agree with @CassiusDoomlorde in that this was all covered in TUGTAD2:

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