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many people say advertisingg is bad. I know it’s bad. but do i get in trouble for that here?
Is typing the code of a hosting game fine?
Is telling people to play my creative so they can ENJOY which makes me happy?
Is advertising annoying?
Can i do it if the owner of a post allow me?
Is it okay if i advertising on my post?

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Advertising is straight up not allowed here. Codes are not allowed, and I do believe there is a banner for new users not to do that.


OK thanks :)))))))))

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  1. Yes you can get in trouble for that
  2. idk
  3. yes
  4. yes… I think
  5. = |

A lot of questions with the same main concept. NO. No codes, no advertising (other than bio), simple.

  1. you mean i can do it on your post?

OK. But what is BIO?

I Really don’t know the basics on that, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


Hello @HANSY1 If you would like to know more about GKC forums, Please feel free to filter for posts using the forum tips tag!

welcome to the formus, @HANSY1
advertising is just not allowed, sorry.
you can post on the wix though, here’s the link:

@Kat_aronii, not to be a bother, but can u help me with some art for my GKC 1st Anniversary surprises (some of them are listed here)? I need some custom artwork for it, but I can’t draw.

@HANSY1 Literally NO codes, NO advertising, and NO links to published games allowed. You WILL get flagged if you do.

Remove the resolved tag and just mark a solution @HANSY1 .

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@HANSY1 Please do what @FusionLord said