A very powerful device: The End Game

I think we can all agree that the End Game device is one of the most powerful, it literally ends games with the blink of an eye. But how do you use this End Game? Well, I’m glad you asked because today, we’ll be answering that question.
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  1. When you click on it, it only has one thing to change, it’s what channel to end the game on. First off, you don’t always need a channel. What’s the best substitute for a channel? It’s a wire! You could wire the End Game to pretty much any device so when it dies (sentry), you go into a certain area or do a certain thing, the wire will ensure the game will end.
Important Uses


Reach the end of a maze?

Final Boss?
Vending Machine:

First to purchase a ticket to a club that ends the game?

I hope you have a wonderful day and find this Devices guide helpful. Well, until next time!



this is interesting…

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In a good way?


Nice guide!

hasn’t this already been said here in part 2, 3, and 4?


Depends on who wins and loses!

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No, that’s just counters and lasers.

well there’s different parts

I read #2 and it has the widget but not the end game.

okay what about 3?

no. (I’m just lucky that I chose this one because I never saw those guides).

huh, nice, well then good job on this guide!

kinda short though, is there anyway you can make it bigger?

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Honestly (not being a hater just trying to have nice discussion) I think trigger is.

  • Can be activated by channel
  • Can be deactivated by channel
  • Broadcasts when triggered
  • Has block code and is used for randomizers
  • Can be stepped on to trigger or that function can be turned off
  • Has optional delay (so don’t have to use wire repeater or a repeater)
  • Can be visible or invisible
  • Can block other team triggering
  • Can have max triggers
  • Can have global or player scope of it being maxed out

End game has one thing


Thank you, again I’m very lucky that this is the ONE device that they didn’t cover.

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I’m confused. What are you trying to say?

the trigger is more powerful than the end game device

Maybe have a poll? Everyone of these posts is one that creator chooses is best device…have not seen one where the audience gets a say…This is my point

I never said it’s the most powerful, just said it’s very powerful.

I know that i’m just stating in general (i would have put point in earlier post but I accidentally clicked post before i was done)


Next I’mma make one about channels and wires!

Anyways, should this be under Devices or Community Made Guides?

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