A Roblox piggy trap

I need help figuring out how to make a trap that can only be activated by one team.

Try this guide:

You should make the trap art


I need it to be a trap that only one team can activate. And that it can stun the other team

Oh yeah whoops

It depends what the trap is. The general idea though is that each trap uses a trigger or checker to see which team the player is on. And if the player is on a certain team/teams the trap triggers. You can do this by spawning/teleporting teams to a specific point onto a trigger, which sets a player-scoped property to whatever team got teleported to the point.

So if the player property TeamOn is on Team 1, set their movement speed to 0 for 5 seconds, elsewise do nothing.

Thank you I thought about using a checker but I didn’t know how to check for teams.

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No problem!

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But how will it look like?

That I can figure out once the mechanic is done

You could make a trigger that can only be triggered by a certain team

It’s a trigger setting

But you can’t hide the trigger erm I mean you can’t change visibility in game

It’s a zone that activates a trigger. If the property TeamOn = 0, then broadcast on a channel to set the player speed to 0 for x seconds.

You can it’s a setting I think it’s something like “Visible on game start”

I think you reply to the wrong person with that

Oh did you mean during the game?

Yea I changed the comment

Anyways thanks for the help