A Popup Opens (Help Needed)

I just want the player to do stuff in the game and suddenly a popup appears. Is there a way to do this?

Including like counters or wiring?

Here is a useful explanation that would help you with the popup device:

Action performed ---------> Open popup

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Okay. @DragonFlagon872 , I might need it to be more specific…

Thanks @twofoursixeight , still I’m confused…

How to make pop ups/notifications appear for everyone at the start of a game

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Okay, still not understanding this. I might have made myself unclear. In the game, I want a pop up to appear without the player doing anything. But not in the start of the game.

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Do any of you know how to do that?

Lifecycle and WIRES(and popup and trigger)!

When game starts(lifecycle) -----------> trigger(trigger with delay of x seconds)
When triggered(trigger with delay of x seconds) ---------> open popup(popup)

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Sorry guys! I was really busy recently. I’m just getting into GKC right now. I will test out all of your recommendations right now. Thanks! I’ll tell you what I need help next with.

It’s okay guys. I figured out how to do it!

I made a lifecycle and put three triggers with a delay time and wire it to when trigger triggered, trigger next trigger. After that minute, the popup will show. Thanks for everyone for giving me suggestions and helping me, I just found a solution myself!

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