A player selector help

alright sorry guys yet another post on the voting system.

I just went through the whole guide tryna figure what is making it break and I was wondering if I am allowed to share game codes on the forum so people can help me. Im not sure whats wrong with it, but when even everyone’s done voting, nothing happens at all.

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Btw i am speaking of the getrithekd system

No sharing codes, but @getrithekd will probably be able to help regardless. What exactly isn’t working? Have you tried debugging?


The guide has two parts: the popup’s where the names get displayed, and the vote counting system. Which doesn’t work?


I believe it is part of the counter but I don’t know. i know all the block code is right so I think it may be a property. for example I am confused on when you said there was a number property with no default.

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Heres my setup

Which one? There are 2.


I mean if you really wanted help on your map you could postcodes on the wix or the padlets:


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I believe that that’s righ, but I did make the guide a whole 4 months ago… Do the popups work? They are supposed to show one person’s name and when you click next, it shows another person’s name and so on.


yes that works but when everyone votes and people can’t vote anymore, the voted out person doesn’t get teleported

Can you show the block code for the counter? Also check that your properties all have the get property things in them.

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i know for a fact the block code is all right because I double checked it. i am thinking some relay is being stupid and not telling the others what to do.

That seems all right… Try using a notification to check if each channel fires correctly.

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Here this example is with 2 people voting

What are the counters?

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do you see the text next to them

Oh its showing the channel broadcasts.

yes that was me and an alt do you see anything abnormal?

Are there only 2 alts?