A little spark of an idea that needs work

I have an idea for a minigame where one person is chosen on the wanted list. There is one person as a hunter trying to take down that person, while the defending team is trying to get the wanted person to an objective, maybe a zone. I feel as if this idea is a little too simple and needs more content like random factors that will make it harder or easier. Could u guys/girls/any gender, help me build more ideas?

i rlly like the idea
i think you should make the map have a lot of tight spaces where you can fit in to escape!
and hidden teleporters maybe behind rocks or other props?

You could make it so the wanted person gets slowed down for a little bit and the protecting team will have to guard the wanted person as a sheild

Thanks a lot for this

I think an issue is if there are too many people, there will be six guards and 1 attacker which is very unfair

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